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5 coolly understated Swedish innovations that’s not IKEA

Swedish design has a history of making things designed to make life easier: the Celsius thermometer, the modern-day zipper, and Skype. A recent exhibition titled "Design for Dignity" at the National ...

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  • A Little Help Goes a Long Way

    Two parents who attended peer to peer mentor training at the Enabling Village in November 2018 are now enabling more caregivers to mentor new caregivers. David and Susan talk about the importance of g...

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  • Useful smart home devices for persons with disabilities

    For persons with disabilities, smart home devices can transform their lives by enabling greater convenience and independence. For instance, Yuki Neoh, who is hearing impaired, sometimes misses delive...

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  • 3 Useful Tips to Jazz Up Your CV

      Putting together your Curriculum Vitae (CV) ahead of a job interview can be a daunting task for anyone – much more so if you’re feeling anxious about how your health could complicat...

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