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The Enabling Guide

How to start, where to go next

The Enabling Guide is for anyone looking for information and advice on schemes, services, supports and resources related to disability in Singapore.

Information enables persons with disabilities to make informed good decisions about the schemes and services that best suit their life choices. There is no lack of information online – the problem is in hunting down the information, piecing together the jigsaw and making sense of everything.

This is where Enabling Guide comes in. It pulls together ‘what’s out there’ for persons with disabilities, giving a snapshot of the supports provided by multiple public sector agencies, social service agencies (SSAs) and businesses – intervention, education, employment, social care, assistive technology. The principle is simple – as long as it enables persons with disabilities.

The Enabling Guide is for persons with disabilities, and their caregivers, friends, and support team. It is also for community leaders, educators, healthcare providers, sector professionals and employers wondering how they can better support their constituents, students, patients and employees with disabilities.

Start exploring:

With this website, we hope you have a place to start your search for supports and a handy guide for where to go next. To share your feedback or to report technical issues relating to Enabling Guide, please email

Enabling Guide is developed by SG Enable, with funding from donors as well as the government of Singapore, and the support of partners in the disability sector.