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Leisure & Recreation

While persons with disabilities may have challenges getting around, a growing number of buildings are making themselves accessible with universal design features. Here are some inclusive places to play, shop, or watch a movie and just have fun!

Key points

  • Plan ahead for an outing by checking online if your destination has the necessary accessibility features.
  • Many cinemas, theatres, museums, parks, playgrounds and sports facilities in Singapore are accessible.
  • If travelling overseas is a challenge, consider a staycation at a local resort or hotel.
  • Check out the list of inclusive leisure/ recreation activities that you can participate in.

You can also check out this list of inclusive leisure/ recreation groups that specialise in activities such as horticulture, arts and crafts, music and sports as well as these events here.


General information

Actions to take

  • Visit the Enabling Village, which is equipped with accessibility features and various amenities for those with disabilities.

When deciding what to do for the weekend, it helps to plan ahead by finding out if a place is wheelchair-accessible or has other features to accommodate persons with disabilities as not all buildings are accessible.

In Singapore, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is developing user-friendly built environment by promoting Universal Design (UD) for buildings and public places where the young, the old, and persons with disabilities can work, live and play.  To encourage the adoption of such designs, the BCA initiated the annual BCA UD Awards to accord recognition to stakeholders for incorporating user-friendly features in their developments.

The Enabling Village near Redhill MRT station is an integrated community space with multiple facilities for persons with disabilities and the rest of the community – the first of its kind in Singapore. These include an ActiveSG gym with accessibility features. It also hosts various community events for visitors with disabilities. These include arts festivals, pop-up stores and movie screenings.


Getting there

Transport is always an important consideration. Information on different modes of transportation can be found in the Transport section of this website.


Arts, culture and entertainment venues


Shopping Malls are important community nodes where persons with disabilities meet, share experiences, and participate in different activities.

Frasers Property Singapore is committed to creating a supportive and caring environment at their malls by investing in its industry-first Inclusion Champions programme with select tenants at its malls to provide consumer inclusivity training, including disability inclusion training supported by SG Enable, so that they can be better equipped to support shoppers with different needs, including persons with disabilities.  

Selected stores also offer “Calm Hours” every Monday and Tuesday, where lights are dimmed, and noise reduced to provide a more comfortable shopping environment for persons with sensory needs.

Elevators and ramps are conveniently located throughout to facilitate ease of access for visitors with mobility challenges. Complimentary loans for wheelchairs are available at selected malls, subject to availability. 

In line with legislation, malls also welcome guide dogs trained to assist individuals with visual challenges.

For more details, do view their Accessibility Guide.


At Cathay Cineplexes, wheelchair users are encouraged to buy tickets at box office counters in advance to secure suitable seats. More information on the number of wheelchair-accessible seats available in each theatre can be found below:

At Golden Village Cinemas, people can check if wheelchair-accessible seats are available when booking online. More information can be found below:

Other useful links:

Performance Venues

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is dedicated to supporting access and upholding their vision of being an arts centre for everyone. Their premises are wheelchair-friendly, with features such as wheelchair-accessible toilets, accessible parking and special seating arrangements for patrons with mobility challenges. It is also guide and assistance dog-friendly and has additional accessibility facilities such as tactile floor markings, lift access, handrails and more. As part of its PLAYtime! series of theatre productions for children, Esplanade presents Relaxed Performances (RP) with a welcoming and relaxed environment for those who are on the autism spectrum or have sensory sensitivities. Special modifications are incorporated into the performance to make it relaxed. Since December 2022, Esplanade has also introduced Relaxed Environment (RE) performances at the centre. RE performances are suitable for anyone who benefits from being able to make a noise, leave and return to their seat or access the toilets during the performance. No modifications are made to the performance. Esplanade’s Beautiful Sunday and Coffee Morning & Afternoon Tea series are presented in RE settings. All Esplanade Presents programmes that offer concessions have ticket concessions for persons with disabilities (PWDs). This concession for PWDs can also be utilised by one accompanying companion.

Other venues such as the Sports Hub also have dedicated areas for accessible seating; tickets for such seats can be bought by calling 3158 7888 or visiting the Singapore Indoor Stadium box office.


The National Museum of Singapore and National Gallery Singapore have various accessibility services. Both have free manual wheelchairs available for use on a first-come-first-served basis, and wheelchair-accessible facilities. They also welcome service dogs or guide dogs. Check the respective museums’ websites for more information.

The ArtScience Museum has wheelchair-accessible toilets, lifts and parking spaces.

Public Libraries

The National Library Board (NLB) nurtures Readers for Life, Learning Communities and a Knowledgeable Nation by promoting reading, learning and history through the libraries and archives.

Punggol Regional Library

Punggol Regional Library offers a suite of services to create a welcoming start-to-end experience for persons with disabilities. Located in One Punggol, Punggol Regional Library is a warm and inviting space which features technology, programmes and special collections for all patrons. Interested patrons are encouraged to learn more about the library's Accessibility Information.

Accessible Membership

Accessible Membership provides an expanded scope of library services across all libraries for persons with disabilities, on top of basic library membership privileges.

Accessible Membership is open to persons with disabilities who are beneficiaries of eligible disability schemes and services funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), or who had attended or are currently attending government-funded Special Education (SPED) schools.

Accessible Members enjoy:

    a) A longer borrowing period (from 21 to 42 days);
    b) A longer renewal period (from 21 to 42 days);
    c) Free reservation of items (which costs $1.57 per item); and
    d) Priority access to accessible features in Punggol Regional Library.

Find out more about the Accessible Membership and how to apply.


Playgrounds and sports facilities

Persons with disabilities who participate in sports or physical recreational activities are 1.7 times more likely to have a better quality of life, according to the NCSS Quality of Life Study.


At the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Botany Centre and entrances are wheelchair-accessible, but some other areas are not due to the hilly terrain. Wheelchairs are available on loan.

Gardens By the Bay also has wheelchairs available for rental at $2 per day. It also has special ramps, lifts, wide pathways and barrier-free routes incorporated in its spaces.

Playgrounds and toy libraries

There are over a dozen inclusive playgrounds in Singapore. These have equipment such as wheelchair-accessible merry-go-rounds which allow children with and without special needs to play together. Children with special needs can also visit these 'toy libraries' which have toys that are specially curated for them.


Actions to take

  • Get more information on recreational and competitive sports from the Singapore Disability Sports Council.
  • Visit the ActiveSG gym at the Enabling Village, which is an inclusive gym.

Persons with disabilities keen to learn a sport and play either leisurely or competitively can get more information from the 
Singapore Disability Sports Council. It is the only organisation in Singapore which offers sports at elite and non-elite levels across all disability groups. Another organisation that caregivers can approach is Special Olympics Singapore, a recognised National Sports Association which aims to provide year-round sports training and athletic competitions for children and adults with intellectual disability.

Through the Disability Sports Master Plan, MCCY and SportSG work with partners to provide more opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in sports, through inclusive facilities and programming, capability building and raising awareness of inclusive sports and Team Singapore para athletes. 

The ActiveSG Para Sport Academy (PSA) was launched in March 2022 to provide more opportunities for para sport participation and development. As an integral part of ActiveSG Academies & Clubs (A&Cs), the PSA integrates disability and mainstream sports and provides regular, structured training by qualified coaches, and competitions complemented by other development activities. Currently, the PSA offers 10 sports including Para Athletics and Para Swimming. For enquiries, contact

The ActiveSG gym in the Enabling Village is the first inclusive gym where persons with disabilities, seniors and the able-bodied can exercise together. It has special gym equipment such as removable seats for wheelchair users and Braille on the treadmill user panels for persons with visual impairment. You can also find other inclusive sports facilities (gyms and pools) across Singapore here.

If you are interested to find more sporting opportunities or have further enquiries, please write to or join the Disability Sports Programme mailing list.

Another organisation that caregivers can approach is Special Olympics Singapore, a recognised National Sports Association which aims to provide year-round sports training and athletic competitions for children and adults with cognitive impairment.


Vacationing in Singapore

If you wish to look for accessible accommodation, you may visit travel websites which allows you to filter searches for properties with accessibility features. These include Agoda, Airbnb and TripAdvisor.

For locals in Singapore who find it challenging to travel overseas, or who are looking for a short getaway, Sentosa Island is just a short drive from the mainland. The island has many wheelchair-accessible attractions and hotels, including some in Resorts World Sentosa, an integrated resort which is home to popular attractions such as Universal Studio Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium.

Other useful links:

Resources and Support

  • List of wheelchair-friendly attractions in Singapore: LadyIronChef
  • Guide for wheelchair users arriving in/departing from Changi Airport: All Go Easy
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