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Managing her e-commerce business with assistive technology

Ms Vivian Goh, 41, was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a neuromuscular disease that causes her muscles to waste away progressively. Unable to move her limbs and body, she spends her days confined t...

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  • Exploring Sign Language and its Benefits

    What is sign language and what does it mean to you, to me, to the community? Well, sign language is a visual-manual language with its own grammar and linguistic structure that are different from thos...

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  • Care for Yourself to Better Care for Others

    Caring for a vulnerable family member — can be long and demanding journey, and the stress that comes with it can take a serious toll on a caregiver’s health — especially if there ...

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  • Video Conferencing for Persons with Disabilities

    This year, the pandemic has brought about new social norms. With the lockdown, working from home has become the new normal, the need for virtual collaboration also arises. Many turned to virtual meeti...

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Little Anecdotes of My Life

About Our Blogger

This is me in the video. I am very excited to be given this space to share bits about my life and my perspectives of things with you. On this journey of being deafblind, I have met with challenges. Emotionally, I am still trying to cope and to adapt to “new” way of doing things. Through my writing, I hope to show that persons with disabilities are still able to be part of the society with the help of assistive technology devices and with a little patience and understanding from the people around them. From my articles hopefully, you will be able to understand more about us.

  • Project Adaptive Fun: Fun with Sudoku

    Siew Ling posing with her adapted Sudoku set “Project Adaptive Fun” is an article series in which Siew Ling, who is deaf-blind, shares the simple adaptations she and her team have made to ...

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  • Hybrid Working

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, "Working From Home" was not a common phrase we hear people saying. We would say "Telecommuting" when we were not working in the office. It was also not a usual practice f...

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  • Rambling on the Ramble Tag

    Some time back, a colleague chanced upon the Ramble Tag when he was browsing online. In other countries, the tag is widely used in hiking. A sighted person wears the tag on the upper arm while the fel...

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