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Caregivers, Are You Neglecting Yourself? Get Help Here

Caregiver support groups can do a world of good for those who need an extra boost to get through tough times. Caregivers give so much love and attention to the people they care for, but who takes c...

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  • Enabling Guide - Help at Your Fingertips

    Getting help in Singapore isn’t a herculean task if you know where to look for it – fact is, there is plenty of information online. For all things related to disability support schemes, se...

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  • Budget 2020: 5 Disability-Related News You Need to Know

    Persons with disabilities, families with special needs children, and inclusive employers stand to benefit from this year’s new and enhanced measures. In just a few months, the year 2020 has brou...

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  • Dream Big, Shoot for the Stars

    Two multi-talented persons with disabilities have a common desire to let their abilities do the talking. One day, when Joshua Allen Rui Xiong German was about three years old, he went to the piano i...

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Little Anecdotes of My Life

About Our Blogger

This is me in the video. I am very excited to be given this space to share bits about my life and my perspectives of things with you. On this journey of being deafblind, I have met with challenges. Emotionally, I am still trying to cope and to adapt to “new” way of doing things. Through my writing, I hope to show that persons with disabilities are still able to be part of the society with the help of assistive technology devices and with a little patience and understanding from the people around them. From my articles hopefully, you will be able to understand more about us.

  • Tour of Tech Able

    Back in March 2020, with things scaling down due to the COVID-19 situation, Tech Able was closed to the public. Since the makeover of Tech Able in August 2019, I had yet to tour it. I asked my colleag...

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  • Experiencing Prawning

    A group of friends brought me to try prawning. We started with one of them letting me feel the length of the rod, the float. She showed me where she tied the bait (chicken heart). After which, she ask...

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  • Shopping with the Communication Device

    Every year, towards the end of the year in December, I will go clothes shopping with my friend. Not because of the heavily discounted prices with signs of "Sales" everywhere you go, it gives me a reas...

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