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Articles on Physical Disability

  • Accessibility Features in Windows PC

    Here are some accessibility options to help persons of different abilities use a Windows PC: 1) for persons with physical disabilities 2) for persons with low vision 3) for persons with blindness 4) ...

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  • Budget 2020: 5 Disability-Related News You Need to Know

    Persons with disabilities, families with special needs children, and inclusive employers stand to benefit from this year’s new and enhanced measures. In just a few months, the year 2020 has brou...

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  • Making Assistive Technology Accessible for All

    To enable the person under your care to lead a more independent lifestyle, come check out the newly refreshed Tech Able at the Enabling Village. It’s an integrated space that offers information ...

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  • Championing the Cause of Inclusivity at Work

    Social causes need champions to move not just hearts and minds, but the society forward. These two individuals – Benjamin Chua and George Lam - have done exactly that. Benjamin Chua and George L...

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  • Making Meaningful Music Together!

    A collaboration between three like-minded organisations sparked a meaningful performance to celebrate the message of inclusivity. Ever since 23-year-old American Kodi Lee won “America’s Go...

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  • Lighting the Way

    The road to success is never easy for high-achieving persons with disabilities, but it always helps that they had someone to believe in them. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make l...

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  • They Champion Causes Close to Their Hearts

    It is inspiring to discover that there are many persons with disabilities who make it a mission to speak up for the cause. For Adelia Naomi Yokoyama, who was born deaf, that means contributing to Sing...

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  • A Little Help Goes a Long Way

    Two parents who attended peer to peer mentor training at the Enabling Village in November 2018 are now enabling more caregivers to mentor new caregivers. David and Susan talk about the importance of g...

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  • Inclusive hiring isn’t just about a barrier-free workplace

    Ms Lim Lin Li has been with the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) for about 8 years. She works as Senior Admissions Assistant, helping patients with their admission proce...

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