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This section contains information on different schemes and services that persons with disabilities can leverage to meet their support needs:

Therapy & Intervention

Therapy and intervention services target developmental areas such as motor skills, cognitive skills, psychosocial skills, and speech and language to help persons with disabilities regain or improve certain functions.

Child & Adult Care

Day care, residential programmes and other care services are available to support persons with disabilities.


Children and youths with disabilities have two educational pathways – mainstream education and special education. The latter caters specifically to students with disabilities, while the former has a largely standardised curriculum with additional support for students with disabilities.

Training & Employment

Persons with disabilities face more challenges than most when it comes to securing and sustaining a job. But supports are available to help them.

For information on funding support, training and other resources for employers, training providers and job coaches, please refer to SG Enable’s Disability Employment website.

Money Matters

There are various financial assistance schemes, grants and funds that persons with disabilities can leverage – be it to defray the cost of disability supports and assistive technology, secure their financial future or fund their education.


Depending on the individual’s transport needs and abilities, some modes of transport may be more suitable than others. Public transport is more affordable, but private transport offers more convenience and caters to a wider range of mobility needs.

Assistive Technology

With the appropriate choice of assistive technology (AT), persons with disabilities can enjoy a more independent life. An assessment by a therapist can help identify suitable AT devices and software.

Leisure & Recreation

While persons with disabilities may face challenges getting around, a growing number of buildings are becoming accessible with universal design features. Check out inclusive leisure and recreation facilities.

The respective service provider or administrator of a service or scheme would be best placed to deal with queries. Links are provided throughout Enabling Guide for your convenience.