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  • Managing her e-commerce business with assistive technology

    Ms Vivian Goh, 41, was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a neuromuscular disease that causes her muscles to waste away progressively. Unable to move her limbs and body, she spends her days confined t...

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  • Exploring Sign Language and its Benefits

    What is sign language and what does it mean to you, to me, to the community? Well, sign language is a visual-manual language with its own grammar and linguistic structure that are different from thos...

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  • Care for Yourself to Better Care for Others

    Caring for a vulnerable family member — can be long and demanding journey, and the stress that comes with it can take a serious toll on a caregiver’s health — especially if there ...

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  • Accessibility Features in Windows PC

    Here are some accessibility options to help persons of different abilities use a Windows PC: 1) for persons with physical disabilities 2) for persons with low vision 3) for persons with blindness 4) ...

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  • Video Conferencing for Persons with Disabilities

    This year, the pandemic has brought about new social norms. With the lockdown, working from home has become the new normal, the need for virtual collaboration also arises. Many turned to virtual meeti...

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  • Wesley Loh: From Outsider to Outspoken Advocate

    Wesley spent most of his younger years not knowing why he often felt like an outsider. He was later diagnosed with autism, and today, he is a passionate advocate for people with autism to come togethe...

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  • Caregivers, Are You Neglecting Yourself? Get Help Here

    Caregiver support groups can do a world of good for those who need an extra boost to get through tough times.Caregivers give so much love and attention to the people they care for, but who takes care ...

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  • Enabling Guide - Help at Your Fingertips

    Getting help in Singapore isn’t a herculean task if you know where to look for it – fact is, there is plenty of information online. For all things related to disability support schemes, se...

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  • The Importance of Caring for Caregivers - A Caregiver’s Mission in Providing Better Peer Support for Caregivers!

    Dr Lim Hong Huay, an epidemiologist and developmental pediatrician, has two children with disabilities and understands the challenges of being a caregiver. We spoke with her to learn more about the CO...

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