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Little Anecdotes of my Life

  • I Am the One with the Voice but I Have No Voice

    This is something about disability etiquette. Many a times, when we see a person with a disability, we do not know how to approach or engage them. If that person is being accompanied by a normally-abl...

    270 words
  • Shopping with the Communication Device

    Every year, towards the end of the year in December, I will go clothes shopping with my friend. Not because of the heavily discounted prices with signs of "Sales" everywhere you go, it gives me a reas...

    430 words
  • Experiencing Prawning

    A group of friends brought me to try prawning. We started with one of them letting me feel the length of the rod, the float. She showed me where she tied the bait (chicken heart). After which, she ask...

    251 words
  • Tour of Tech Able

    Back in March 2020, with things scaling down due to the COVID-19 situation, Tech Able was closed to the public. Since the makeover of Tech Able in August 2019, I had yet to tour it. I asked my colleag...

    1107 words
  • A Dose of

    Since Circuit Breaker and extended Circuit Breaker measures kicked in, I have not stepped out of the house at all. I was completely staying at home, working from home. During the stay-at-home period, ...

    480 words
  • We Are Back to Personal Training

    Now that Singapore has entered Phase Two of safely reopening, I could resume my weekly personal training. I have been having these weekly training sessions since 2017. When I lost my hearing in 2019, ...

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