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Articles on Sensory Disability

  • Budget 2020: 5 Disability-Related News You Need to Know

    Persons with disabilities, families with special needs children, and inclusive employers stand to benefit from this year’s new and enhanced measures. In just a few months, the year 2020 has brou...

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  • Making Assistive Technology Accessible for All

    To enable the person under your care to lead a more independent lifestyle, come check out the newly refreshed Tech Able at the Enabling Village. It’s an integrated space that offers information ...

    946 words
  • Using a Little Creativity to Embrace Inclusivity at Work

    You don’t need a lot of time, effort or money to be an inclusive employer. A little thinking outside the box can go a long way – just ask these two organisations that have implemented crea...

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  • Faith Music Centre: Fine Tuning Music Ability

    From placing people into jobs to setting up a music school that hires persons with disabilities, one man has turned his passion into action. Working as a job placement officer, Alvin Yeo saw first-han...

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  • Making Meaningful Music Together!

    A collaboration between three like-minded organisations sparked a meaningful performance to celebrate the message of inclusivity. Ever since 23-year-old American Kodi Lee won “America’s Go...

    572 words
  • Lighting the Way

    The road to success is never easy for high-achieving persons with disabilities, but it always helps that they had someone to believe in them. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make l...

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  • They Champion Causes Close to Their Hearts

    It is inspiring to discover that there are many persons with disabilities who make it a mission to speak up for the cause. For Adelia Naomi Yokoyama, who was born deaf, that means contributing to Sing...

    1249 words
  • Ever wondered how smartphones work when you can’t see? Here’s how

    Everyone and their grandmother use a smartphone these days. The full-colour, poker-card-sized touch screen was a technological marvel when the first iPhone appeared a decade ago; today we take it for...

    722 words
  • 5 tips for levelling up your career from a tech geek

    Back in the days of dial-up Internet, coding classes for children were virtually unheard of. But Lim Zui Young, then 11 years old, was already tinkering with html codes on (the now-discontinued) Micr...

    659 words