Other than being surrounded by people who love and care for me, it would be good food, particularly having sweet treats.

Siew Ling eating Cuppa Lava Cake

This cake in a cup is an interesting one from Chocolate Origin. It’s called Cuppa Lava Cake. The top is a chocolate cake with warm lava oozing from the inside; while at the bottom, it is cold vanilla ice-cream. When you dig into it, even though the layers have different temperatures, it does not affect their unique flavours.

This treat is made even sweeter with my friend patiently scooping spoonful after spoonful of the cake for me, as usually eating dessert in a small cup is a messy affair.

This is such a simple pleasure but brings a smile to my face easily without the added endorphins.

Some other sweet treats which I enjoy sharing with my friends are the different flavoured ice-cream, waffles and pancakes. Last but not least, a delightful cup of bubble tea. The main reason would be the chewy pearls that add texture to the drink.

Tan Siew Ling is fully Deafblind, having lost both her sight and hearing to a neurological condition, Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). She carries a screen reader with a Braille display, which she fondly names it as “Bear Bear”, everywhere she goes. Her humour, wordplay, and love of puns keep friends on their toes. She enjoys reading books in her free time and loves to pen down her thoughts, often on a whim, which can be entertaining at times, on her social media. When she is not writing or reading, she can be seen doing insanely 72kg leg presses or swinging a 20kg kettlebell to and fro. You can find out more about Siew Ling and her journey here.