DSA Workshop - Reading With Children

Speaker Synopsis: Ms Lynette Khoo of KIDZ POTC

Ms Lynette is an educational therapist and a counsellor. She specialises in working with students who experience learning difficulties. Her experience includes supporting children in pre-school to the secondary school years.


Ms Lynette is a firm believer in supporting each child according to his/her individual strengths and areas of difficulty. The focus of her intervention is performance improvement coupled with a healthy dose of encouragement to help the child build a positive self-concept

 Synopsis of Talk:

If a child sounds out the words but does not understand what he/she is reading, he/she is not really fulfilling the key purpose of reading.


In this workshop, participant would be able to:


1.    To identify reflective thinking that leads higher-order cognition

2.    To identify strategies to support the developmental stages of reading

3.    To identify and focus on approaches that will help foster motivation reading for ages 2 to 15 years children

Closing date for registration: 22 Aug 2019


Target age group: Parents and caregivers with 2-15 years old children