DSA Workshop - Visual – Auditory Processing

Speaker Synopsis: Mr Alvin Chan of KIDZ POTC


Mr Chan is an occupational therapist who is registered and licensed with the Singapore, Canadian and American Certification and Licensing Boards.  With over 20 years of experience in the field, he is adept in the provision of care for individuals with various learning differences.  Besides being a clinician, he is also a clinical educator, speaker, an advocate for continued education.  Over the years, he has and continues to serve as part of a number of expert panels for various organizations. He is also a guest writer for a variety of publications, and is involved in research.  He has also published occupational therapy protocols which are being used in private school setting, non-profit organizations and private clinics in Asia.

Synopsis of Talk:


Learning and developmental disabilities have inherent within them neurological differences in processing information that severely limits a person's ability to learn. Due to actual differences in the way the brain processes, understands, and uses information, learning difficulties result. Everyone has differences in learning abilities, so unlocking difficulties comes from acknowledging, understanding and equipping these individuals with the awareness and tools needed to be successful in any academic environment. 


In this workshop, participant would be able to:


1.    To Identify the underlying deficits in visual and auditory processing

2.    To identify developmental perspective will be taken to gain an understanding of inherent visual and auditory processing

3.    To identify various intervention options using a myriad of approaches 

 Closing date for registration: 29 August 2019

Target age group: Parents of N1 to schooling aged kids