DSA Workshop - Babies Cry, Have A Plan

Speaker Synopsis: Ms Lynette Khoo


Lynette is an educational therapist and guidance counsellor. She specialises in working with children and their families. She is also a mother of two teenagers.


Lynette is a firm believer in supporting each child according to his/her individual strengths and areas of difficulty. The focus of her intervention is performance improvement coupled with a healthy dose of encouragement to help the child build a positive self-concept and an optimistic outlook.

Synopsis of Talk:


Being parents and caregivers to infants and toddlers can be challenging.  The anxiety that comes with having a new baby can feel overwhelming. Babies cry for different reasons.


In this workshop, participant would be able to:


1.    Equip parents with practical strategies on ways to soothe crying babies

2.    Recognise different reasons for why babies cry

3.    Address parental stress and anxiety when babies cry.

Target group: Parents and Caregivers of infants and toddlers