DSA Workshop - Changes In MOE Exam Curriculum And It’S Impact

Speaker Synopsis: Viemala and Teachers in DSA IFSP programme

Viemala Kelaver is DSA (S) Head, Children Education Services. holds a degree in Education and Developmental Psychology from Adam State University, USA. Viemala holds a graduate diploma in Child and Educational Psychology from Southern Georgia State University, USA. Viemala is a NIE trained, MOE registered special needs educator with more than 14 years of experience.

Accompanied by IFSP Teachers: Mrs Siti Arzianita, Dip Ed (NIE), MOE Registered, Miss Gayathri Devi, B.A. Psych, SpDip AE  MOE Registered, Mrs Sabariah Sabri, BSC Math, PGDE, MOE Registered

Synopsis of Talk:

From 2019 onwards, weighted assessments and examinations will be removed completely out of the Primary 1 and Primary 2 MOE curriculum. MOE will also be removing the Mid-Year-Examinations (MYE) from Primary Three (P3), Primary Five (P5). From 2021, the current PSLE scoring system which involves T-scores will give way to the eight bands of Achievement Levels (AL).


Workshop objective:

       1.    Identify the impact on our students with Down syndrome attending mainstream schools.

       2.    Identify how we can ensure their success.

Closing date for registration: 21 Nov 2019