Daily Online Talks: Special Needs Trust – Why It Matters? (特需信托 – 为什么重要?)
SNTC will be organising daily complimentary online talks to share about the SNTC Trust and Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS), and how these 2 services can provide financial security for persons with special needs.

Dates: 1–31 Oct (excluding weekends & public holidays)
Times: 10am–11am or 2pm–3pm

Registration deadline is 1 working day before each talk.

To register, call us directly at 6278 9598 or email your full name and contact details to enquiries@sntc.org.sg.

Upon confirmation, we will email you the direct link to access the online talk closer to the date. No registration/installation is required.


如果您是特需人士 (例如:缺乏心智能力、患智障、自闭、体障人士)的看护者,您也许无时无刻都在为他财务上的规划而担忧。若您离世后,他将何去何从?您如何安全地把遗产留给他?又有谁能够照顾他的财务需求?
SNTC 将每天举办免费网上讲座,为您分享“特需信托基金”和“特需储蓄计划 (SNSS)”, 教导如何为您的特需亲人做出财务上的保障。

日期:10月1–31日 (不包括周末和公共假期)
时间:10am–11am 或 2pm–3pm


请拨电 6278 9598 或电邮致enquiries@sntc.org.sg 预先报名。