Learning Wagön: Strength & Stretch 3
Learning Wagön is a 12-week learning curriculum developed by Click for organisations working with individuals with special needs aged 13 and above. These activities and programmes cover four topics: home and living, health and leisure, community living and vocation.

At Click, we believe that a collaborative effort between organisations and families will provide a consistent learning environment for the individual with autism. Hence, caregiver training is included as part of Learning Wagon. Caregivers will be equipped with basic teaching strategies adopted by teachers. The use of similar strategies at home and in organisations will help to reinforce good habits and skills.

Learning Wagön: Strength & Stretch 3 (Total cost for 12 sessions/pax)
Public: $50 x 12 = $600
Click Member: $45 x 12 = $540
Financial Assistance Scheme: $30 x 12 = $360

Trial session 
$50 (public); $45 (click members) and $30 (FAS). 

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For more information, please contact Click at admin@clicksped.sg or 86846458.