Sibsjunior Workshop: Why Is My Sibling Different?

Introducing our new program for younger sibs - SibsJunior! In our first ever SibsJunior workshop, we will be discussing developmental delays in a fun and interactive manner as well as hold space for participants to share their thoughts and feelings about having a special needs sibling.

This workshop is specially curated for children between the ages of 11 and 17 years old.

Event details:
Date: 19 June 2021
Time: 10-11:30am

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This workshop will be conducted by Ms Amarit Kaur who is a psychologist who works mainly with children with special needs and their families. She is also a mother of two preschoolers and a sibling to a person with Mild Intellectual Disability. Through her work, Amarit has contributed to the special needs sector in both Singapore and New Zealand. She advocates for sibling support, mental health support and inclusive educational practices. Amarit also has a special interest in using play as a tool for learning and building connections. She is a trained facilitator for the Incredible Years Parenting (IYP) course and Understanding Behaviour, Responding Safely (UBRS) course.