Project Valour (13 Nov - 19 Dec)

Fitness is a gateway towards optimal development for PwDs who are gaining independence.

Many PwDs that have been placed into employment face struggles in their work because of poor motor skills or weak core and stability muscles.

Project Valour aims to help PwDs develop adequate foundational skills which would be useful in everyday living and the workplace. These exercises are carefully thought out and structured from understanding the needs of PwDs as well as targeting developmental deficits.

This event is created for individuals with special needs, aged 17 and above. Each session is $39. Participants may also opt for 4 sessions pass ($128) or 8 session pass ($232). 


Time: 8am - 10am

Saturdays - 27 Nov and 11 Dec

Sundays - 5 and 19 Dec

Each ticket admits 1 PwD and 1 caregiver .

For more information, please contact us at 91371011 or