2021 School Holiday Programmes
 MakeCode Arcade (Basic)
Date:  29 - 30 Nov
Time:  9am - 12pm
Age : 10 - 15 yrs old
Price: S$192.60 (incl gst)

This online workshop introduces students to simple game creation using Makecode Arcade.

Learners will be introduced to the basics of game design using block coding and pixel art when designing sprites. By the end of this workshop, they will produce 1 retro arcade game (whack-a-mole concept) with their own sprite character designs in the game.

❷ Basic Photography with Smartphone
Date:  29 - 30 Nov
Time:  9am - 12pm
Age : 10 - 15 yrs old
Price: S$192.60 (incl gst)

In this online photography course, learner will harness the essence of photography taking using their smartphone, taking part in activities such as:
- Introduction to smartphone photography
- Composition
- Simple Editing Skill

Technical Requirements:
1. A working desktop or laptop computer with mouse, webcam and speakers.
2. A stable broadband internet connection.
3. The latest version of Zoom Application is installed.
4. The latest version of Chrome Web Browser.
5. For enquiries, please email: learningacademy@autism.org.sg

Workshop Pre-requisites:
1. Able to operate laptop/ computer with minimal help.
2. Able to navigate around basic functions in Zoom Application (joining Zoom meeting, using Zoom chat, downloading lesson materials).
3. Able to follow instructions in a small group setting in a virtual environment.
4. Basic reading and comprehension skills.

For more information, please email learningacademy@autism.org.sg.