Playeum At Home: Because Chores. How Can We Make Chores Fun? Let’S Find Out Together!

As a part of Playeums #Everyday Creativity Virtual Festival, the Playeum team will be hosting a series of Online play-at-home workshops.


About the workshop:

Playeum At Home is a series of play sessions that looks at discovering different ways of experimenting, playing, and creating with everyday recyclable materials that we typically find in our own homes!


This edition of Playeum at Home is about shifting the lens on how we view creativity and how we all practice it differently in our own ways. Whether big or small, they are all creative ways! To change the way we see creativity in ourselves also changes how we see and cultivate it in children.


This programme is designed for the general public but is self-paced for the children to work in their own time and capacity. Caregiver attendance is required. 

02 Dec 2021, 4:30PM - 5:15PM - Because Chores. How can we make chores fun? Let’s find out together! Register here!


If you have any questions or any accessibility needs, please email us at, and we will endeavor to accommodate you.


About Playeum and #Everyday Creativity

Playeum is an independent charity organisation (IPC) that creates equal opportunities for children in Singapore to develop creativity and confidence through play and the arts.

#Everyday Creativity Virtual Festival is about bringing creativity into our everyday lives. It also acts as a fundraiser with all donations going to Playeums' work in 2022 in particular bringing programmes to children from marginalized backgrounds and the adults surrounding them.


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