Understand Function Of Challenging Behaviour Workshop - (Project SAFE Part 1)
Project SAFE aims to engage and equip caregivers through a total of 4 learning workshops for them to apply safe techniques Strategically, giving Access to Functional approaches that are Effective to prevent and manage challenging behaviours. The workshops aim to allow caregivers to understand the function of challenging behaviours, identify escalation signs to prevent challenging behaviours and to apply strategies to prevent and manage challenging behaviours. During the workshop for caregivers, we also provide an optional activity session (bowling, movie screening, Switch Nintendo games etc) for their children alongside to ensure that their children are engaged meaningfully accompanied by facilitators. This allows caregivers to attend the session comfortably.

The workshop will be conducted by Ms Zhang Lihan Lihan who holds a Master of Education (Special Education, Early Intervention and Inclusion) from the University of Melbourne. She is a CPI Safe Intervention Instructor and has worked with individuals with ASD and their families since 2005 in Singapore and Australia. 

Ms Vandana Rai who graduated from University of New South Wales with a Master of Art – Cognitive Science and Bachelor of Science – Psychology will also be supporting the workshop. She has worked with individuals with ASD and their families since 2002 across various countries like Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom. 

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