Autism and Drama with Joe England
Specialist Drama Training for an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Setting 
18th July – 21st July 2022 (Monday to Thursday)

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) — its medical name — is the name for a range of conditions which affect how a person communicates and interacts with the world around them, as well as their interests and behaviour. It's not a disease or an illness, but a condition that somebody is born with. People who are born with autism have it all of their lives. Some people prefer to call it 'autism spectrum condition' (ASC) instead of ASD.”  (Source BBC

The role of a Teaching Artist is ever evolving. One such area of transformation is the need for inclusive arts practise as a standard. To be inclusive in the arts classroom means being confident and skilled in adjusting your plans to ensure the comfort and participation of all learners. 

SRT Learning & Engagement is partnering with Joe England Drama and Autism (JEDAA) to provide hands on professional development for 15 teaching artists from Singapore. 

Joe England, an expert in Autism and Drama for young learners, will conduct a four-day master class training programme. Singaporean Teaching Artists attending the workshop will receive access and harness Joe’s many years of knowledge, skills, and experience in Autism and Drama. Working through a series of session plans filled with exiting games and exercises, the teaching artists will add new inclusive arts strategies to their ‘tool-kit’ over the duration of the course.  

    Who Should Apply?

    We are looking for teaching artists with the following personal specifications:  

    • 2-3 years of experience working as a performing arts educator in Singapore   
    • Demonstrable experience of working professional in their artform — dance, drama and music   
    • Knowledge of disability arts and ‘access’ is preferable   
    • Experience of working with Autistic, Deaf or Disabled learners is preferable   
    • Willingness to learn and approach training with a social model mindset   
    • A Team Player – Ready to collaborate with SRT, and continue to champion inclusive arts practise beyond the training event   
    Applicants with disabilities are welcome to apply as well — we encourage all teaching artists to share any additional needs so we may support and facilitate their learning experience for this workshop. 

    How to Apply?

    Interested teaching artists should send a cover letter and CV to detailing how they meet the personal specifications above. (Maximum wordcount of 400 words) 

    Duration: 4 Days 
    Time: 9am to 5pm  
    Cost: $50 (Lunch and Admin fee) 
    Capacity: 15 pax only  
    Venue: Drama Centre — Level 3, Function Room 1

    For more information regarding this workshop, kindly click here.