Our inclusive dance classes cultivate a safe space for children with Diverse Abilities to 
explore their creativity and imagination through the practice of Creative Movement.

Diverse Abilities recognises that every student brings forth various attributes and 
skills towards their learning in dance. By adapting our teaching styles to match 
our student’s learning abilities, we hope to enable all 
students the same access to learning opportunities.

Creative Movement is a holistic teaching methodology that encourages 
students of all ages to learn contemporary dance techniques 
and dance composition through structured play.
How would your child benefit from our dance programme?

  • Develop muscular strength and flexibility
  • Improve bodily coordination skills
  • Learn how to respond to different music and rhythms
  • Express their creativity through physical movements
  • Cultivate respectful and mindful communication

A Little RAW Programme celebrates the idea that dance can be for everyone, no matter how you look, 
think and move.

Join us in redefining our learning environment.