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An alternative keyboard

Assistive Technology Devices For Persons With Intellectual Disability


Alternative keyboards and mice

                              Adaptive Keyboard with high colour contrast keys and big fonts in black on a yellow background

Keyboards and mice come in various sizes, colours, layouts and input methods to allow persons with different disabilities to access computers and smart devices.

Depending on their needs, persons with disabilities can choose an appropriate keyboard or mouse to overcome their challenges in accessing the computer. For instance, some keyboards allow rearrangement of keys to make it easier for persons with intellectual disability to use.


Satellite navigation system locators

A hand holding a smartphone that shows a map which indicates the location of a tracked device

Satellite navigation system locators such as Global Positioning System (GPS) use satellites to determine the location of an electronic receiver carried by a person. This allows caregivers to keep track of their care recipients' whereabouts. It also alerts caregivers when their care recipients veer outside of their geo-fenced area.

The receiver or tracking device comes in various forms depending on the needs and preferences of the user and/ or caregiver, ranging from watches to insoles. Such tracking devices are usually monitored from a mobile app on a smart device.

The Tech Able Web App provides more information about Assistive Technology (AT) devices that may suit persons with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers. Users who are interested to purchase or find out more about the AT device may contact the vendors directly. Vendors’ details are listed within.