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School-To-Work (S2W) Transition Programme

The School-to-Work (S2W)* Transition Programme is a multi-agency collaboration by Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and SG Enable, in partnership with SPED schools. This programme offers customised training pathways and work options for students with diverse disability profiles who have the potential to work. It helps graduates from Special Education (SPED) schools to transit successfully to employment.

Based on the students’ vocational profiles and needs, they will be recommended for suitable pathways that will offer them the necessary training and employment opportunities, including internships. The recommended pathways are all geared towards employment as the eventual outcome.

Under the training pathway, students may undergo various training and preparatory activities to acquire the skills for certain jobs. They will also receive employment services such as job referrals during or after the training. Students may also undergo internship programmes based on their abilities and preferences and available internship opportunities. The different training pathways will be customised to meet students’ individual abilities and preferences to ensure that they benefit from the training given.

*Suitable applications are submitted by the participating SPED schools of this programme.


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