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  • Looking for a job? Let us help!

    Looking for a job can be a lonely and frustrating process. Thankfully, help is available for persons with disabilities. A key initiative at the Enabling Village – an integrated community space ...

    587 words
  • 3 Useful Tips to Jazz Up Your CV

      Putting together your Curriculum Vitae (CV) ahead of a job interview can be a daunting task for anyone – much more so if you’re feeling anxious about how your health could complicat...

    641 words
  • 7 essential vacation planning tips for wheelchair users

    With December upon us, many individuals and families have made plans for their year-end vacation. If you (or your travel companion) have to use a wheelchair, the planning can be a little tricky. But ...

    674 words
  • 4 vacation plans to start you thinking...

    School exams for the kids are over, and that means one thing: Vacations. Where should you to go for that waterfall, street food, night market, resort and theme park adventure? If you haven’t fi...

    603 words
  • 4 tips to save you embarrassment in the company of someone with a disability

      Statistics tell us that one in 10 persons living today has a disability. So it might seem strange, when you think about it, that many of us still feel awkward in the company of someone with a ...

    590 words
  • 10 times you were accidentally rude to a person with a disability

    Whoops! You were just trying help a person in the wheelchair. Now he’s frowning at you. What gives? You were just trying to be nice, right?Well, if that’s the #StoryOfYourLife, you should ...

    1109 words