"We aim to create and inspire a kind and inclusive society for persons with disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities and autism.

Our objectives are to:

a. Enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate actively in life
b. Provide supporting activities and assistance to empower parents and caregivers of persons with disabilities to support the educational and vocational needs of persons with disabilities
c. Contribute to an inclusive society by promoting awareness of and educating the public about persons with disabilities"
(Source: https://www.bekind.sg/)

Services Available
  • Play.Able
    Service Email: play.ablesg@gmail.com
    Play.Able - Support special needs families especially those new on the caregiving journey with curated educational materials, toys and resources for their children - Provide increased opportunities via a safe and non-judgmental space for children with special needs to play with their peers and develop their social skills
  • Caregiver Support
    Type of Service: Caregiver Training & Caregiver Support