"Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1981.

Our purpose is to serve all who live under the strains of poverty of relationships, physical and socio-emotional health, and finances, regardless of age, race and religion.

We do this by providing an integrated and holistic helping process for every person who comes through our doors. This includes a spectrum of care that ranges from community-based social and health programmes for seniors to residential nursing and rehabilitative care, home-based care and hospice services, counselling and therapy, and debt relief & asset-building programmes.

In all this, we aim to reduce poverty, alleviate the strain of daily living, help the elderly age in place and live in dignity, and maximise the potential of children and youths from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ultimately, we look to the day when all will be empowered to have life to the full."
(Source: https://mws.sg/about/our-heartbeat/)

Services Available
  • Family Service Centre (FSC)
    Life Stage: Infancy & Early Childhood; Tween & Adolescence; Young Adulthood; Adulthood; Older Adulthood