"Olive Tree is an Intervention Centre providing Early Intervention Programs and Therapy Services for children with Developmental Issues. 

Olive Tree Development Center provides Evidence-Based Early Intervention Program, School Readiness and School Transition Programs for children with development needs., Established in 2011, we have a good track record in supporting and preparing children for mainstream and special needs school. We provide a range of therapy services such as Physiotherapy, Speech, Occupational, Music and Education Therapy, We have psychological assessment services specialised programs that addresses learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. We focus on equipping parents in our Parent Support Group."
(Source: https://www.olive-tree.sg)

Services Available
  • Intervention and Therapy Service(s)
    Type of Service: Intervention and Therapy
    Life Stage: Infancy &Young Children; Children & Teens; Young Adults
  • Medical consultation
    Type of Service: Medical and Dental - Medical Consultation
    Life Stage: Infancy & Young Children; Children & Teens; Young Adults
  • Caregiver Support
    Type of Service: Caregiver Training, Support Group
  • Deputyship
    Type of Service: Financial and Legal Support - Deputyship
    Life Stage: Infants & Young Children; Children & Teens; Young Adults
  • Dedicated special needs preschool / child care centre
    Type of Service: Preschool, Child and Student Care - Dedicated special needs centre
    Life Stage: Infancy & Early Childhood