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Students in IHLs are increasingly recognising the value of early exposure to industry and internships to gain real-world working experience, as well as building their resumes. Students with disabilities tend to face more challenges in this regard than their typical peers, which could put them at a disadvantage when it comes to securing jobs post-graduation.

IHL Internship Programme

The SG Enable IHL Internship Programme provides internship opportunities for tertiary students with disabilities. Students will be matched to inclusive organisations in various sectors based on their course of study and preference. Students will learn in a real work environment, build up professional networks, and gain practical job-related knowledge and skills. An internship experience will be a valuable addition to the resume and is instrumental in future career searches.

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An intern with disability conversing with his colleague at his desk.

RISE Mentorship Programme

The SG Enable RISE Mentorship Programme is a 16-week programme where tertiary students and graduates with disabilities are matched with business mentors from inclusive employers. Through the programme, you can look forward to learning from your mentor’s wealth of knowledge and work experience, getting ready and developing relevant skills for the workplace, and building your professional networks. In addition, you will also gain greater insights on your strengths through the StrengthsFinder tool.

Hear more about the programme from the mentees and mentors in the video. 

The next run will take place from March to June 2024. Applications will open from July 2023 and will close on 1 December 2023.

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Career Coaching Programme

Career success starts with understanding your strengths and making choices to maximise them. The SG Enable Career Coaching Programme empowers tertiary students and graduates with disabilities to make good choices through personalised strengths-based coaching. You will glean practical guidance and access useful resources for diverse industry sectors. Experienced career coaches will work with you to address your most pressing concerns as you transition from school to work.

Participants in this programme will each be matched to a career coach for career coaching conversations. You will receive up to 2 complimentary one-to-one sessions with the coach, together with resources such as your strengths and interest profiles. Topics covered include:

  • Gaining insight into your innate strengths with CliftonStrengths
  • Identifying your unique competencies
  • Scanning varied industries for opportunities
  • Matching your strengths and interests with suitable roles
  • Narrowing down choices and making informed decisions
  • Branding yourself and pitching effectively

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Man talking to two youth.

Other Resources and Events

IHL graduates and jobseekers with disabilities can seek employment assistance from SG Enable. Work-ready persons with disabilities will be supported for job placement and job support through SG Enable’s appointed partners, namely the Autism Resource Centre (ARC), Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore (MINDS) or SPD. Click here to find out more and to apply for the Job Placement Job Support (JPJS) Programme.

SG Enable also organises events from time to time to facilitate the employment journey of persons with disabilities. For example, SG Enable’s career fairs for persons with disabilities offer a convenient platform for job matching between jobseekers and employers. Career preparatory workshops provide advisory to students and jobseekers with disabilities on resume writing and LinkedIn profiles to leave a strong, positive impression with prospective employers and optimise the chances of applications being shortlisted. Click here to find out more about upcoming events.

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More Information

IHL-to-Work programmes are open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. Disabilities supported by SG Enable for adult services are: physical disabilities, sensory disabilities (e.g. visual impairment, deaf/hard-of-hearing), intellectual disabilities and autism. Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) refer to universities, polytechnics, Institute of Technical Education and other arts/private education institutions. 

Have additional enquiries? Contact SG Enable or call 1800-8585-885.