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Sheltered Workshop-to-Work (SWW) Programme

This one-year programme aims to train and place persons with disabilities from sheltered workshops into open employment across different industries. SG Enable works with social service agencies (SSAs) to provide customised training, job matching and job support services, and attachments with employers to equip persons with disabilities with relevant industry skills. The training includes in-house training within the sheltered workshops and on-the-job training at the employer’s premises, with training customised for each client depending on his or her capabilities.

The Sheltered Workshop-to-Work programme is available only to existing enrolees of selected Sheltered Workshops. Assessment of suitability will be conducted by these selected Sheltered Workshops.


A Past Participant's Story

Under the programme, Zed Noorhazali Bin Zed Sazali, who has mild intellectual disability and autism, was trained and certified in the WSG Food Hygiene course, and received specialised work training from APSN, an SSA partner of the programme. He went on to work in Pizza Hut, taking on front and back-end house duties. In December 2021, after four months in the job, he received the “Employee of the Month” award. Well done, Zed! 

See photo on the right: Zed with his Employee of the Month Award, at the Star Vista Pizza Hut outlet.

Zed with his Employee of the Month Award, at the Star Vista Pizza Hut outlet

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