"ST. ANDREW'S AUTISM CENTRE is a non-profit organisation for the education, training and care of persons on the autism spectrum, and their families. 
We are a service of St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH), and our range of services support children and youths with autism during their school-going years, and into their adulthood." (Source: https://www.saac.org.sg/)

Services Available
  • Special Education (SPED) School
    Type of Service: Education - Dedicated special needs school
    Life Stage: Tween & Adolescence; Young Adulthood
    Service Contact: 6517 3800
    Service Email: enquiry@saac.org.sg
  • Day Activity Centre (DAC)
    Type of Service: Day Care (for Adults)
    Life Stage: Young Adulthood
    Service Contact: 6517 3839
    Service Email: admissions@saac.org.sg