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Preparing for National Service

All male Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) are required to enlist for National Service (NS) when they turn 18 years old1. It is important to know about the enlistment process and support available to better prepare your loved one for NS.

Icon_key-points  Key Points

  • Persons liable for enlistment will have to undergo medical screening.
  • Exemptions are available for persons with disabilities if they are deemed unfit for NS.
  • Applications for exemptions may be done through selected educational institutions.

Prior to enlistment, individuals would need to undergo a medical screening to determine their level of fitness.

Depending on the nature of your loved one’s disability, they may receive non-combat vocations or be deemed unfit for NS. This will be based on the results of their medical check-ups2. Read more about NS liability, and the options available for those who are unable to serve NS.

If your loved one is attending a Special Education (SPED) school, the school may be able to provide supporting documents that can be considered for NS exemption, alongside other medical reports3. As this support varies across institutions, it is advisable to check with the institution directly on what help they can provide.

Icon_key-points  Key Points

  • Remind your loved one to prepare and bring the required documents for the medical screening process.
  • If you wish to accompany your loved one to his medical check-up, complete the necessary clearance process in advance.
  • Preparation of documents

    To facilitate the medical examination process, please bring these required documents. You may also be required to bring documents relating to your loved one’s disability4, such as:

    1. Psychological reports
    2. Medical reports
    3. Occupational / physiotherapy reports
    4. Documents certifying admission to SPED school

  • Accompanying your loved one

    If you wish to accompany your loved one to the medical examination, please check the clearance processes with the Ministry of Defence or Central Manpower Base (CMPB) in advance. This is because these examinations may take place in venues with heightened security procedures.

Icon_key-points  Key Points

  • During NS, your loved one can reach out to counsellors or contact the specific counselling hotlines for assistance.
  • Support available in NS

    If your loved one needs help with psychological or financial issues, or has complaints and grievances, he can tap on the counselling services provided.

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