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Managing Your Caregiving Role

Recognising that you are a caregiver is an important first step for your journey. Use the checklist below to identify whether you are a caregiver: 
Definition of a caregiver is a person who takes on the responsibility of looking after someone who is not able to fully care for themselves including (1) those with disability, illness or a mental health condition, (2) looking after their health, safety, and well-being, (3) helping them with financial, legal, and future needs, (4) assisting with their daily activities like bathing, feeding, grooming, and walking. Pace yourself and take breaks, tap on schemes and grants, seek support from friends and family.
Caregiving can be challenging, but these tips can help you carry out your role in a more sustainable way:
Pace yourself and take breaks while managing your caregiving duties and personal needs, tap on schemes and grants if you face financial challenges and seek support from friends and family when you feel alone.

Practising self-care and having strong social support networks can help you to continue to providing care in the long term:


Family support is important. When we first learnt of my son's diagnosis, it felt like the whole world was falling on me. Thankfully, my husband was very supportive and my daughter also stepped up to help care for her brother while being very independent.

- Violet, mother of a young adult with disability

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