Our personalised health passport records more than just medical information. We detail your child/ward’s communication skills, mobility needs, and behaviours of concern, enabling medical professionals and specialists to provide a more efficient and accurate assessment of health conditions.

Medical consultations (non acute and no treatment) and appropriate referrals. Assessment of both children and adults and placement in children and adult disability services. Deputyship evaluation and uploading reports in IFAMS and completing deputyship through form 224. Any concerns with relationship to disability we will be able to provide links and supports.
(Source: https://www.minds.org.sg/other-services/medical-services/)

Services Available
  • Medical consultation
    Type of Service: Medical and Dental - Medical Consultation
    Life Stage: Infants & Young Children; Children & Teens; Young Adults; Adults; Older Adults

  • Mental Capacity Assessment
    Type of Service: Medical and Dental - Mental Capacity Assessment
    Life Stage: Young Adults; Adults; Older Adults
    Appointed Doctor: Dr Bhavani Sriram; Dr Liu Yit Shiang, Joseph